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Sales commissions made simple.

Make your Sales commission system reliable and boost your sales performance.
Stop using spreadsheets to get the commissions done at the end of the month. Save days and provide your reps with a dashboard driving sales performance.
Incentive compensation without Amalia :
  • A headache for our customers and time-consuming for their Sales Operations team.
  • Sales Reps know about their commissions only at the end of each month, thus having few day-to-day visibility on what is supposed to drive them.
  • Could you maintain your spreadsheets without making any miscalculations leading to wrong payrolls ?
Incentive compensation with Amalia :
  • Built to automatically calculate the sales commissions and save you days every month.
  • Motivate your reps daily with an individual dashboard. Our customers say it leads to higher sales performances.
  • Make the approval from the finance team easy, bringing your incentive compensation plan to the next level of reliability.

All your incentive compensation plan, in one place.


​​This is the kind of problem that you can face as your team is successfully growing. Don't let organisational issues slow down your growth.

Let us help you scale your business.

At Amalia, we believe that every company should be able to motivate its team without technical constraints. Our role is to make these constraints disappear thanks to technology.

With Amalia you will be able to :

  1. Add and change the commission plans with complete flexibility (quotas, accelerators, splits, ...)

  2. Set up validation workflows and different levels of access.

  3. Be integrated in real-time to your CRM.

  4. Provide a motivating and personalized dashboard to each Sales Rep.

  5. Export your data to accounts and payroll departments.

The benefits of Amalia :

Leave Excel and let your Sales Operations team save days.

Boost the performance of your Reps.

Make the approval process easier for your Finance team.


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