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Sales commissions made simple.

Enpower your salespeople, engage your team and drive top-line growth.
What if you stopped using spreadsheets to calculate commissions and started providing your reps with full transparency ? Would that allow them to focus on their core job : selling ?
Incentive compensation without Amalia :
  • No history, no sharing settings, no CRM connection, no intelligent dashboard ... it is considered as "time-consuming" and a "mess" by our customers' Sales Ops.
  • Likely to generate errors that could break the team's confidence towards management.
  • Sales Representatives have therefore no visibility on the progress of their commissions, which makes it difficult to structure their pipeline.
Incentive compensation with Amalia :
  • Built to automatically calculate and approve sales commissions to save Finance & Ops teams several days of work per month.
  • No mistakes = More confidence of the salespeople towards their management.
  • Allows each sales person to visualise his commissions and the achievement of his quotas and enable him to adopt a behaviour in line with the commercial strategy, according to our customers.

Reward peak business performance.


​​Commissions are an important lever for the commitment of your sales representatives.

With 2 weeks to go before the end of the quarter, would your sales person perform better if he knew that he was exactly 3 bookings short of his quota ?

At Amalia, we believe that every company should be able to motivate its team without technical constraints. Our role is to make these constraints disappear thanks to technology.
Benefits of Amalia :

With Amalia you will be able to :

  1. Setup quotas and other commission calculating rules.

  2. Be integrated in real-time with your CRM.

  3. Approve and adjust commissions with great flexibility.

  4. Provide an inspiring and personalized dashboard to each Sales Rep.

  5. Pay your reps on time and accurately.

  6. Leverage your sales organization thanks to data analytics.


Leave Excel and let your Sales Operations team save days.

Help your reps structure their pipeline and boost your sales.

Make the approval process easier for your Finance team to decrease risk.

They trust us :

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