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Sales commission platform that accelerates your business while uniting your teams.
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Global Teams Using Amalia for Incentive & Compensation Management

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Meet Amalia 

We’re building a sales commission tool that powers teams in Europe and across the globe. 

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Track & Plan Commission in Real-Time

Keep your reps motivated with a sales commission software that automatically calculates, validates, and approves sales commissions.

Real-time dashboard

CRM & ERP Integration

Automatic Calculation

Compensation Plan Designer

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Faster Decision-Making to Scale Your Business

Sync finance and sales operations, increasing efficiency, and productivity for everyone.

Personalized Dashboards

Exception Handling

Manual Adjustments

Team & Roll Up Management

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On the Same Page, Across the Board

Connecting everyone from the C-Suite to sales reps, Amalia's transparent data empowers your team while building trust in management.

Audit Every Calculation

Dispute Management

Data Export Report

Workflow Management

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Simple and Seamless

All users will find what they need with Amalia.

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CFO can ensure that sales compensation is driving
business results.

Finance Ops can optimize incentives while mitigating risk.

Sales Ops can generate commission plans faster while Sales Reps use their personalized dashboards to stay motivated.

Security & Privacy

Data is stored using cutting-edge security technology and Google Cloud Platform EU data centers.
We do privacy by design to ensure confidentiality and GDPR compliancy.

What Our Customers Have to Say

We are ready for the future!

“Amalia surpass our previous solution in every component of our need. What really impress me the most is the fast Time to Value. I would definitely recommend Amalia to any other organisation that has a Sales team spread across multiple countries & where there is also high dynamics in the sales team”

Nick Guerds and Amalia
Nick Geurds
Sales Operations and Business Development Director, TalentSoft

We have a great tool!

“There are definite limitations when working with Excel and Salesforce! The commercial team was wasting hours calculating commissions that only got more complex when a new plan was introduced. With Amalia, the team can spend more time selling.”

Oliver C

5 star customer support

“Of course the tool is amazing, the tech is good etc... but what I really love is the support. They have always been a sparing partner, a kind of safety net and sometimes I even feel they are part of my team and can help me on the long term.”
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Aubin Rioufol
Sales Strategy & Operations, Pennylane

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Automate commission management and optimize performance. 

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