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AB Tasty using Amalia

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Maxime Grandjean
AB Tasty using Amalia

AB Tasty x Amalia

Amalia makes Sales Commissioning Effortless for AB Tasty’s Finance & Sales Teams

Tags: Size 50-100 Users | Collaborativeness | Feedback on Support Team | Finance-Ops

About AB Tasty

AB Tasty helps to build end-to-end experiences that drive growth across all digital channels. Marketing, product and engineering teams work together to deliver seamless user experiences.

Headquarters: France | Scope: 50 Sales Visit Website

Context 🕵️‍♂️

AB Tasty need

"At AB Tasty we have 40 to 50 different sales reps in 7 countries with 5 different currencies. So it became very difficult to generate commission statements quickly. Thanks to Amalia we are now able to give more visibility to our sales reps and it is also a huge time saver for our Finance team so they can focus on more thriving topics."

Before Amalia

Before we used to need to extract files from our CRM. We did 50 excel files then we had to send the files to the managers, the managers needed to send them to the different sales rep. They would make some comments. The manager would come back few days later with the comments. So it was a very long process that took us between 1 week to 2 weeks.

Results ✨

Comments & adjustments

So now with our sales representatives have access to direct information. They can make comments through them and our finance team can check the comments, adjust the calculations: so it is really a huge time saver for both the finance team and the sales team

Collaboration on Amalia

So what is great is that the tool is also very collaborative. The communication with the sales reps is very fluid because the data is centralized into one tool. While also keeping it very confidential for everyone.

Great & Effective Support Team

So what made me like even more Amalia is their great support team. They are always very responsive with me. Always keen to help, always pleasant to talk to, and obviously very effective.

Last but not least

As a Finance Ops the two main objectives were to give more visibility to our sales representatives and save time for our team. We got that. But moreover we also where able to discover some strategic issues with our compensation plans and get rid of them and in the end improve the overall strategy of the company.

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