Privacy Policy

Last updated on the 01/01/2023

The purpose of the treatment
Our purposes are determined, legitimate and explicit:
They are compatible with our missions. Data collected for a specific purpose is not used for other purposes. Our goals are in line with GDPR compliance standards

The relevance of the data
The defined purpose makes it possible to determine the relevance of the data that we will collect. Only the adequate and strictly necessary data to achieve the purpose will be collected and processed. Thus we only collect data allowing:

  • Visit our website
  • Create an account to access the Amalia solution and use our services
  • Visit our website
  • Download our online resources
  • To improve the Services, by placing cookies on users' terminals
  • To send you commercial and marketing offers

What data do we collect from the user or visitor ?

  • Last name & First Name
  • E-Mail
  • Phone Number
  • Company Name

Limited conservation of data:
The purpose also makes it possible to set the data retention period in accordance with the requirements of the GDPR. We keep the data you have provided for a period not exceeding 24 months from the date of collection.

Informations & the rights of people:
According to this policy, each data collection document informs the person from whom personal data is collected:

  • The identity of the controller and, where appropriate, that of his representative;
  • The purpose pursued by the processing for which the data are intended;
  • The compulsory or optional nature of his answers;
  • The possible consequences for him of a failure to reply;
  • Recipients or categories of recipients of the data;
  • The right of individuals to the processing of personal data
  • The possible consequences for him of a failure to reply;
  • The existence, if any, of transfers of personal data to a non-member State of the European Community;
  • The retention period of the categories of data processed

We strive to be the trusted partner of our customers with transparent solutions, today and tomorrow. In accordance with the Data Protection Act, the exercise of your rights of access, interrogation, modification, opposition and rectification of information is done by mail addressed to the company:  Amalia, " Security and Data Protection Committee", 165 Avenue de Bretagne 59 000 Lille.

Or by email at with the subject: "ACCESS PERSONAL DATA". Your requests must be accompanied by a photocopy of an identity document with your signature..

Restricted access to data:
Only recipients duly authorized by the Amalia company can access, within the framework of a security policy allowing in particular the management of the access to the only information necessary for the activity. Indeed, the Company defines the rules of access and confidentiality applicable to the personal data processed. Access rights are granted according to the principles of "least privilege" and "need to know". Access rights are granted in accordance with the user's function and are updated in case of change or change of function. The Group's security determines and implements the necessary means to protect the processing of personal data in order to prevent any access by an unauthorized third party and to prevent any loss, alteration or disclosure of data. Thus, the Amalia Company's personal data protection policy is organized around logical, physical or organizational measures.

Data transfers:
All of your data is hosted in the European Union.

Since January 2018, the Data Protection and Security Committee has appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO). Its missions consist in ensuring the compliance and the security of the processing of personal data. The Company’s DPO is located at 165 avenue de Bretagne - 59 000 in Lille. This formal Amalia Company policy for the protection of personal data, intended for employees of the company and external persons involved in the processing, is accessible and available internally to employees, and externally.