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Calculate your Sales Compensation Platform ROI

This sales compensation platform ROI calculator helps you understand the return on investment your company could realise by using Amalia's sales compensation management solution to streamline its compensation processes.

Discover how Amalia can help your organisation improve its efficiency, increase productivity, reduce shadow accounting, and more with automated processes.

How does it work?

We use all the fields above to calculate your organisation's compensation planning and efficiency gains, payment accuracy improvements, dispute reduction, sales productivity, compliance efficiency, retention, and platform subscription savings. By combining these metrics, we can calculate how much you’ll save.

What are Legacy and Modern Solutions?

Legacy Solutions are established tools that have existed for a decade or more. This includes tools like Xactly, Varicent, and SAP.
Modern Solutions are newer tools that are more recent entries to the market. This includes tools like Spiff, CaptivateIQ, and Everstage.