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Workflows Customized + Full Audit - September Product Update

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Idriss Boumaza
Workflows Customized + Full Audit - September Product Update

Hi everyone, hope you had a great september 🌞 I'm excited to share all the new Enterprise features we have been working on at Amalia. With Customized Workflows you will be able to match any of your internal commission processes. Also we launched the Full Audit of every action that could impact your commissions. Finally we did some changes to improve the day-to-day Management experience 😎 Let's go!

✅ Customized Workflows

Till today, you were able to have a one step review to validate your commission statements. Let's face it, it was simple but not enough to match your internal processes. That's why we launched Customized Workflows. Now you can setup any workflow with as many steps and validators as you wish 🎊 If you want your Sales-rep to validate first, then their team leads, then their managers, and finally the Finance ops... or the opposite, we can do it! We can also have multiple validators by step, for example it can be the team lead or any manager that can validate the same step... Cherry on top, you can apply different workflows by compensation plans... totally flexible 🔥

We also included workflow reviews in the Todos page. It's updated automatically when it's your turn to review a statement ▶️ You can also filter/search your todos easily ⤵️

Todos include workflow reviews ▶️

📜 Full Audit Logs

Audits will help administrators or managers to meet compliance requirements as well as understanding any modification that could have an impact on your commission calculation. You already had access to overwrites logs, you are now able to track all events in Amalia:

  • You just modified a Quota for your Salesrep and you don't remember the old value? Audit will keep that for you 👌
  • Another administrator changed the rule on a compensation plan and you were not informed? Audit will show you the modification 👀
  • Curious to know which Salesrep logged-in the most in the last month? Audit will give you those stats 📈

Full Audit Logs - Compliance + Track Plan modification

📅 Day-to-Day Management Improvements

Header & Plan Assignment

The header has been updated to separate the "Plan" and "Designer" section, and to regroup all Reporting and Admins pages. No more hidden tabs and multiple clicks, you will have access at a glance to the page needed 🎯With the new Plan section, you can now manage all your assignments easily. We are also adding filters on users and teams to save you time!

Header & Plan Assignement

Quota Missing

Statements which have missing quota are now showed in warning. No more guess on what's missing to calculate your commission🤔 You will be prompt to set them 📝

Quota missing

That's it for now, hope you will enjoy as much as we do those improvements 🎊 Please feel free to contact me if you have any feedback or enquiries. If you need a demo of the product you can schedule one here. See you in one month for the next update 🙂

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