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How AB Tasty Reduced Its Statement Approval Process by Weeks

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Their story

AB Tasty is a global customer experience optimisation and feature management company. With 12 offices around the world, AB Tasty is committed to helping their more than 1,000 enterprise clients build end-to-end user experiences that drive growth across a wide variety of digital channels. 

Their challenges

A highly international organisation, AB Tasty had nearly 50 different sales team members across 7 countries. Further adding to the complexity was the fact that their sales team was compensated in 5 different currencies. AB Tasty’s finance operations team was managing these complex compensation processes by extracting data from their CRM and converting it into 50 Excel files that were manually distributed, updated, and approved. This led to:

  • A statement approval process that took up to 2 weeks
  • The finance team spending too much time managing manual processes
  • A lack of visibility for the sales team
  • Challenges managing statements in different currencies

The solution

Florian Gallo, Financial Controller at AB Tasty, set out to find a solution that significantly reduced the number of manual processes tasked to the finance operations team while also bringing the sales team more visibility. 

To tackle this, he set out to find a solution that:

  • Allowed them to automate a significant number of compensation processes
  • Could manage plans in multiple currencies
  • Provided the sales team with more visibility
  • Helped centralise their compensation data

After looking at several different solutions, Florian and AB Tasty selected Amalia. It didn’t take long for them to start seeing the benefits. The Salesforce integration quickly helped them centralise all their sales and compensation data within Amalia. On top of that, Amalia’s multi-team and multi-currency management capabilities made it easy for Florian to generate commission statements for his different teams in their local currency. 

AB Tasty also benefited from Amalia’s automation capabilities. The manual statement approval process that involved sending, tracking, and updating 50 Excel files with managers and sales team members was retired. All the approval and review processes were moved inside Amalia. This gave the sales team complete visibility on their statements and the ability to directly comment on them if they had any questions or concerns. 

“What made me like Amalia, even more, is their great support team. They’re responsive and extremely knowledgeable.”

When Florian or one of the team members finds themselves in need of help, they can rely on Amalia’s customer success managers (CSMs). Friendly and professional, AB Tasty knows that their CSM will be able to quickly and efficiently solve any issue they're facing.


The results

Since getting Amalia, Florian and the finance operations team have been able to become far more efficient. Amalia’s multi-currency and multi-team management capabilities have streamlined the statement creation process. On top of that, the old statement approval process that took up to 2 weeks per quarter was retired and moved within Amalia. 

In terms of visibility, Amalia has given AB Tasty’s sales team complete transparency on their compensation. With the commenting feature, they can easily ask questions or raise concerns about their statements directly in Amalia.

This new level of transparency hasn’t just been a hit with the sales team, it has also been a huge time saver for the Florian and the finance operations team. Now, they can address the sales team’s concerns and make adjustments in one place. Comments are visible to the whole finance operations team, so they know which ones have been resolved and which ones still need to be addressed. 

Overall, this has done wonders to improving communication between the different teams. It has also helped the finance operations team streamline and automate their processes, making them more efficient and giving them more time to focus on high-value projects. 

Speaking of high-value projects, Amalia played a key role in AB Tasty uncovering strategic issues with their compensation plans. While centralising their sales and compensation data and automating their processes, Florian and the finance operations team were able to identify and resolve some major issues. The result? AB Tasty didn’t just save a ton of time and provide their sales team with much-needed transparency, they were able to improve their overall business strategy to drive the company’s continued growth.

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“Amalia helped us discover and fix some strategic issues with our compensation plans, helping us improve the organisation’s overall strategy.”
Florian Gallo
Florian Gallo
Financial Controller