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How Amalia Helps Getronics Save 300 Hours a Year in Statement Reviews

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Their story

Getronics is an Amsterdam-based global IT services provider. For over 135 years, Getronics has worked with businesses to improve and transform their processes. Today, their team of 4,000 people is focused on guiding clients’ successful digital transformations in over 180 countries. 

Their challenges

Getronics was managing its sales compensation processes using complex Excel spreadsheets. While the sales operations team was highly skilled, between manually gathering data from different sources, monitoring formula adjustments, and reviewing the different Excel spreadsheets, handling these processes was extremely time-consuming. It also resulted in:

  • A lack of transparency for the sales team
  • 300 hours a year spent reviewing compensation statements with the sales team
  • Spending a significant amount of time monitoring changes in multiple Excel files and approving statements
  • Manually synchronising compensation plan updates across several spreadsheets 
  • Challenges in tracing the source of plan modifications

The solution

Cédric Chevalier, Sales Operations Manager at Getronics, understood he needed a solution that gave the sales team the transparency they were looking for while simplifying processes and reducing the volume of manual work for his sales operations team.

He set out to address these challenges by looking for a solution that:

  • Provided transparency for the sales team
  • Offered calculation traceability
  • Was simple to use
  • Allowed the sales operations team to be autonomous

Cédric and Getronics first looked at some legacy providers. However, they were put off by the lack of autonomy and the long, costly setup process. When they discovered Amalia after a recommendation from a colleague, they were immediately impressed with the ease of use and transparency. 

First and foremost, Amalia has given Getronics’ sales team complete transparency on their compensation. When a sales team member has a question about their statement, they can ask directly in Amalia. Everyone in the sales operations team has visibility and all responses are tracked, helping resolve concerns faster while avoiding duplicate work.

Another feature that’s helped increase transparency even further is Amalia’s calculation tracing. By simply clicking on a statement payout, team members can see all the formulas and calculations that took place to come to the final number. 

In terms of efficiency gains, Amalia has allowed Getronics to save time by retiring many of its manual data collection processes. The Salesforce and Google Sheets integrations automatically and securely centralise Getronics’ sales and compensation data within Amalia, providing the sales operations team with the accurate information they need in one place. 

On top of that, Getronics has been able to automate its approval process. Rather than manually logging each approver and chasing them via email, the approval workflow allows Cédric and this team to manage the process within Amalia and easily see who has given approval and who needs to be followed up with. 

“ is so easy to use. It gives plan administrators more autonomy compared to other solutions.”

Amalia has also provided Cédric and his team with the autonomy they were searching for. The easy-to-use interface makes it simple to create, manage, and update compensation plans independently, even for team members who aren’t technical. The benefits of autonomy aren’t just restricted to compensation plan calculations either. Cédric can also easily review and manage the different sales teams across Getronics’ multiple offices.

When Getronics does need support, they know they can count on Amalia’s customer success team. If they have a question, Cédric and his team know they’re going to get a solution from a sales compensation expert. Even better, they know that they’ll get that solution quickly.


The results

With Amalia, Getronics has been saving a lot of time. Thanks to the newfound transparency, Getronics has been able to phase out the one-to-one statement review process with their sales team. It has allowed Cédric and the sales operations team to save 75 hours in statement review meetings per quarter, that’s 300 hours a year in just meetings! 

The benefits of the transparency provided by Amalia haven’t ended there. The in-platform commenting feature lets the sales operations team quickly and easily track and address questions. At the same time, Amalia’s traceability capabilities give Getronics complete visibility on which team member made what changes to each compensation plan. 

In addition, Amalia has helped Getronics automate more of its processes, reducing the volume of manual data collection processes and empowering the sales operations team’s non-technical team members. The automated approval workflow has streamlined this process, drastically reducing the number of emails sent. Globally, all these benefits have helped Getronics’ save time and resources while improving the organisation’s sales culture.

While already seeing excellent results, Cédric and Getronics are equally excited about Amalia’s newest feature, forecasting. Not only does it allow the sales operations team to anticipate Getronics’ sales compensation expenditures, but it also lets them show their sales team how much compensation they could earn if they meet or exceed their targets. It’s a great way to increase motivation, reduce sales team churn, and shorten the sales cycle.

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“Thanks to the transparency provided by, we’re no longer spending 300 hours each year reviewing statements with our sales team.”
Cédric Chevalier
Cédric Chevalier
Sales Operations Manager