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How Malt is Reducing Compensation Errors by 73%

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Their story

Malt is a France-headquartered freelancing marketplace. Rapidly expanding across Europe and around the world, Malt allows over 650,000 freelancers and 70,000 companies to connect and work with those best suited for them. Malt and their team of 600 full-time employees are focused on disrupting the established work order for the better.

Their challenges

Malt was using a series of complex Google Sheets to manage their sales compensation processes. The finance team in charge of handling compensation at Malt found themselves buried by the sheer volume of manual work. Gathering data from multiple sources and manually inputting performance metrics across multiple spreadsheets took them away from more valuable strategic initiatives. It also resulted in:

  • Costly errors due to manual adjustments and exceptions
  • Time-consuming data collection and input processes
  • A lack of statement approval processes
  • Minimal transparency for the sales team
  • Struggles handling a growing sales department

The solution

Maxime Thuleau, Corporate Financial Planning Analyst at Malt, and the Malt team understood that their current compensation processes were taking up too much time, but it was only getting worse as Malt’s sales team continued to grow. Maxime understood that he and the finance team needed a solution that would help them automate their processes while also providing the sales team with additional transparency into their commission calculations.

He set out to tackle these challenges by finding a solution that:

  • Integrated with their existing tech stack
  • Had the flexibility to manage complex calculations
  • Offered validation workflows
  • Provided transparency for the sales team
  • Had forecasting capabilities

Maxime and his colleagues spoke with several Europe-based compensation management solutions. However, they were looking for a partner who would support their growth and grow alongside them while providing customer support they could count on. They found that in Amalia.

They were immediately impressed by Amalia’s user-friendly interface. After Maxime and the rest of the team completed their onboarding, they felt more and more comfortable jumping in to create and update their compensation plans autonomously. On top of that, Amalia’s easy-to-navigate app allows the finance team to easily track achievement metrics and commission payouts on the statements. 

Amalia has also brought a new level of automation and simplicity to Malt’s compensation processes. Instead of human-error-prone manual inputs, Malt’s existing platforms are all integrated with Amalia. This allows sales data to flow into the solution and lets Maxime automatically compute the statements, reducing the error rate and number of payment disputes while giving Malt the ability to keep up with the needs of its rapidly growing sales team. 

The statement validation process has also been automated with Amalia. Rather than having statements calculated by finance and sent to HR with no input from sales team members, Malt’s sales representatives are now automatically alerted to review and approve their statements, giving them the visibility they were craving.

“We used to spend fifteen days calculating statements. Thanks to, we now spend less than ten.”

Speaking of visibility, Amalia has helped Malt provide its sales team with an unparalleled level of transparency. Before, they were frustrated that they couldn’t see their achievement and the exceptions that were used to calculate their statements. Now, they have complete visibility of all the calculations that go into them. They can even dive into the details and comment on anything they have a question about directly on the platform.

The level of data and transparency provided by Amalia doesn’t end there. Maxime and his team export the refined KPIs and sales data using Amalia’s Custom Reports feature. These reports allow Maxime to dive further into the data and provide managers with detailed business insights.

When Maxime and Malt do need support, they know that they can count on Amalia’s customer success team. Their customer success manager is always available and responsive to answer any questions they may have.


The results

Malt didn’t need to wait long to see the benefits of Amalia. Thanks to the automation provided by the seamless integrations and the validation workflows, Malt has been able to reduce its error rate by 73%!

With improved reliability and fewer errors come fewer disputes. As the error rate has dropped, so has the amount of time Maxime and the finance team spend on correcting statements and coordinating with sales team members.

The benefits of automating Malt’s processes don’t stop there. With the significant reduction in manual processes, Malt’s finance team has been able to significantly improve their efficiency. Before Amalia, they were spending 15 days calculating commission statements. Now, they spend less than 10 days; a reduction of 40%!

Last but not least, the transparency provided by Amalia has transformed the relationship with the sales team. They love how they can track the achievement metrics and calculations behind their statements. This has helped increase engagement and motivation that will continue to propel Malt’s growth into the future.

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“An average of fifteen statements had errors before Now, it’s fewer than five.”
Maxime Thuleau
Maxime Thuleau
Corporate Financial Planning Analyst