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How Mirakl is Accelerating Business Growth with Amalia

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Their story

Mirakl is the leading enterprise marketplace solution, empowering brands and retailers to launch and grow enterprise marketplaces at scale. Headquartered in France, Mirkal and their over 750 employees work with hundreds of the world’s top brands to bring them top-shelf marketplace solutions and functionalities that can be deployed quickly and scaled without limit.

Their challenges

Mirakl was managing its array of complex compensation processes through a collection of equally complex Excel spreadsheets. Despite the skills and best efforts of their revenue operations team, the complexity of the plans and the frequent adjustments were overwhelming. Between gathering the data, updating the formulas, and reviewing the outputs from the different spreadsheets, managing these processes was taking too much time. This resulted in:

  • A significant amount of time spent updating multiple Excel files 
  • Manually synchronising plan updates across several spreadsheets
  • A lack of transparency for the sales team

The solution

Vincent Baudry, Senior Revenue Operations Manager, and Héloïse Beauchamp, Global Revenue Operations Manager, understood they needed to find a solution that allowed their revenue operations team to automate their processes and drastically reduce the volume of manual work.

They set out to address these challenges by looking for a solution that:

  • Allowed them to automate their compensation processes
  • Was capable of managing complex compensation plans and deferred compensation
  • Gave them the ability to autonomously update and adjust plans
  • Had an easy-to-setup NetSuite integration

Vincent, Héloïse, and the Mirakl team began their search for a replacement for their Excel spreadsheets. Their search led them to discussions with 4 US-based solutions and multiple European startups. During this process, they discovered They were impressed by the platform’s capability to manage their complex plan use cases (like deferred compensation) while providing an intuitive user interface and NetSuite integration.

After deciding to go with Amalia, Mirakl’s revenue operations team quickly started to see the benefits. Unlike Excel and other competing solutions, allowed them to easily manage their various complex compensation plans and processes, including deferred compensation. 

They also received newfound flexibility and autonomy. As a rapidly growing company, their compensation plans needed to evolve with their business and sales team structure. made plan adjustments simple to manage autonomously and provided the tools to more easily create new compensation plans. 

“Getting Amalia has given us an opportunity to rethink our internal processes on Salesforce, on the sales side, and on Netsuite on the finance side.”

The Salesforce, NetSuite, and BambooHR integrations allowed them to centralise all their sales data on Amalia. This allowed them to automate their compensation processes and be confident that the commission calculations were accurate and trustworthy. As an added bonus, this process allowed Mirakl to rethink and optimise many of their other internal CRM and ERP processes, helping them improve organisational efficiency even further!

Last but not least, Amalia’s expert customer success team has made the transition seamless. Vincent and Héloïse know they’ll get fast, expert support whenever they need it. That doesn’t just apply to the French team either. Their US-based team members can also count on the same level of responsiveness.


The results

Getting the revenue operations team onboarded was quick and efficient. Amalia's customer success team was there to support them with excellent coaching and training that has helped their team become more and more autonomous on the platform.

With Amalia, Mirakl has been able to reduce the volume of manual compensation processes while also improving the efficiency of its internal processes. The autonomy provided by has played a huge role in this. The revenue operations team can easily make updates and adjustments to their plans autonomously, saving them tons of time.

Like Mirakl itself, Amalia is growing and improving. The revenue operations team is thrilled about the consistent additions of new features and improvements that help them streamline their processes even further. 

For Mirakl, Amalia is a partner, not just a tool. It is helping them accelerate growth while growing alongside them. As their sales teams get larger and more globally distributed, Mirakl knows they can count on Amalia to handle their ever-growing compensation complexity.  

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“Having as a partner will help accelerate our growth.”
Vincent Baudry
Vincent Baudry
Senior Revenue Operations Manager