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How OpenClassrooms Spends 79% Less Time Managing Compensation Processes

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Their story

OpenClassrooms’ mission is to make education accessible. It’s an online school helping thousands of individuals all over the world develop their skills and progress in their career. 

OpenClassrooms' powers a learning platform with more than 600 online courses on a wide range of subjects, from coding and software engineering to management and soft skills. Additionally, OpenClassrooms offers more than 50 complete training programs, leading to career-focused skills. OpenClassrooms' pedagogical model is built around one priority: the employability of its students.

Their challenges

As OpenClassrooms grew, so did the complexity of its sales team and sales compensation plans. To manage compensation for their teams, OpenClassrooms used a massive collection of Google Sheets. This led to:

  • A significant amount of time spent on manual processes
  • An elevated risk of errors and miscalculations
  • A lack of transparency for the sales team
  • Too much time spent addressing salespeople’s concerns

The solution

Hélène Simon, Director of Sales Transformation and Planning, and the OpenClassrooms team understood that they needed a solution that could make these compensation processes more efficient and transparent.

They set out on their search to find a solution that:

  • Was easy to use
  • Integrated with their existing tech stack
  • Provided them with reporting capabilities
  • Had great customer support

After considering a few different solutions, they decided to go with Amalia. From the start, Amalia was easy to use and quick to get set up. OpenClassrooms has loved how much easier Amalia has made it to manage their sales teams. Handling personnel changes, preparing the reporting, updating quotas, and adjusting targets are simple, even for non-technical individuals.

OpenClassrooms sales leaders now have a clear view of how each salesperson is performing. The native integration with Salesforce allows Amalia to integrate all fields and objects, giving the sales and operations leaders the information they need when reviewing each team member’s performance. If they want to dive even further into the details, they can get straight to Salesforce with a single click. 

The transparency doesn’t stop at the sales leaders and sales operations teams. All their sales team members have access to personalised performance statements where they can see their target achievement and earned commissions. 

“Amalia is very easy to use. The visibility and clarity it gives us on our sales teams’ performance is great.”

On top of all these improvements, one of OpenClassrooms’ favourite things about working with Amalia is the excellent customer support. During their weekly calls, OpenClassrooms’ customer success manager (CSM) works to resolve any issues Hélène and her team are having while also proactively providing guidance on how to avoid future bottlenecks. If there’s an emergency, OpenClassrooms knows their CSM is just an instant message away and is always ready to help.


The results

Since implementing Amalia, OpenClassrooms has been saving a ton of time. Before Amalia, it took Hélène and her team about 2 weeks to finish their compensation processes. Now, it takes them just 3 days, a 79% reduction. 

Another benefit of centralising their sales data and automating their processes with Amalia is the reduction in errors. Particularly, the easy-to-read statements make it simple for Hélène and her sales operations team to catch errors and discrepancies before they show up on their salespeople’s payslips. 

Last but not least, with transparent access to their achievements and commissions, salespeople have the visibility they need to track their progress. If they have questions about what they’re seeing, they can comment directly in Amalia. This gives OpenClassrooms the ability to proactively address their sales teams’ questions and concerns well before the cut-off date. The results? A better relationship between the sales and sales operations teams and an improvement in company and sales culture.

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"Before, it took us two weeks to finish the full compensation cycle. Now, everything is ready in about three days."
Hélène Simon
Hélène Simon
Director of Sales Transformation