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How Swile Eliminated Commission Errors with Amalia

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Their story

Swile is a French-headquartered employee rewards and benefits provider. A global SaaS company with 500 employees and 150 salespeople, Swile has a presence across Europe and Brazil. Their revolutionary platform is reinventing the corporate lunchtime experience with group ordering, couponing, and payment while helping HR departments have a better understanding of their teams.

Their challenges

Swile was managing its various sales compensation plans with Google Sheets. However, it was becoming increasingly painful and time-consuming for their sales operations team to manage. Far too many of their processes were manual. Whether that was needing to gather data from different sources, tracking formula updates, or manually calculating statements, the sales operations team was stretched to the limit. This also resulted in:

  • An elevated compensation calculation and payout error rate
  • A lack of visibility for the sales team
  • Spending too much time manually managing their compensation processes 
  • Manually synchronising compensation plan updates across several spreadsheets

The solution

Jean-Baptiste Hugon, Director Of Central Operations, and his sales operations team understood they needed to find a solution that allowed them to automate their current processes to reduce the amount of time they were spending managing their compensation processes.  

He and his team set out to address these challenges by searching for a solution that:

  • Allowed them to automate the majority of their compensation processes
  • Was capable of managing complex data and multi-product compensation plans 
  • Integrated with their other platforms like Salesforce, Snowflake, Redshift, and Personio
  • Was quick to implement and gave them the ability to update plans autonomously

They began their search for a Google Sheets replacement. Swile employs an intense vendor selection process which includes privacy and security audits and a proof of concept. Then, feedback is collected from anyone impacted by the new solution. In this case, that was the sales and sales operations teams.

After investigating several different solutions, Swile was able to narrow it down to 4 finalists. They benchmarked these platforms against one another and Amalia came out on top. They saw massive improvements in data quality, sales team visibility, and efficiency thanks to the validation workflows. Even better, Amalia integrated with their existing platforms, helping reduce the volume of manual data collection. 

At one point, Swile did consider building an internal dashboard tool. However, once they saw the limitations of such a dashboard and the investment it would require, they had second thoughts. After seeing how Amalia met all their needs, it was clear that the time and resource savings far outweighed the investment.

Swile was extremely impressed with Amalia’s rapid time to value. The solution was up and running on Amalia in only a few weeks. As a global multi-product company, Swile had multiple complex compensation plans. Amalia’s user-friendly interface allowed them to autonomously design and implement all the different compensation plans within the company.

“Since we've implemented, there are no more mistakes and no more doubts.”

These complex compensation plans used equally complex data to calculate commissions. They needed a solution that could manipulate over 100,000 data records in just a few seconds. Amalia was up to the task with its Redshift and other integrations. Not only did it automate many of the collection processes, but it also standardised and centralised them within the platform.

The sales team has been a big fan of Amalia too. They now have transparency on their compensation plans, having full visibility of the calculation criteria. It’s easy for them to track their achievement and, if they have questions, ask them directly on the platform. 

When the sales operations team needed help, they knew they could rely on Amalia’s customer success team. They can ask their customer success manager any question they have about compensation or the platform and receive a lightning-fast response. 


The results

It didn’t take long for Swile to start seeing the positive results of implementing Amalia. Amalia has helped the sales operations team automate more of its processes, significantly reducing the time they spend on manual data collection and statement calculation processes while also empowering them to spend more time on  valuable strategic initiatives. 

Amalia has also helped the sales operations team eliminate calculation errors. Given they have a sales team distributed across two continents whose statements are calculated using a combination of ever-changing complex data, that’s no small feat.

The transparency provided to their sales team has given Swile an additional boost. With full visibility of their achievement, the sales team are more motivated and engaged. On the management side of things, Swile’s sales leaders are better able to identify top performers and those who could benefit from mentorship.

Overall, Amalia has allowed Swile to become more agile and autonomous in managing its compensation processes. This independence allows them to be more responsive to changing market conditions and better prepared to enter new locales as they continue on their rapid growth trajectory.  

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“With Amalia, we’ve found more than just a compensation tool, we’ve found a genuine partner. Indeed, Amalia’s teams are there for us when we need them, whether to support us in our compensation management or to develop new functionalities to help us monitor our processes. Overall, Amalia has made payout and performance measurement much easier for us. We are delighted to have chosen Amalia.”
Matthieu Jauffret
Matthieu Jauffret
Business Performance Specialist