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How Talentsoft Saved €150 000 a Year in Commission Errors with Amalia

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Their story

Talentsoft is a Paris-based global talent management and digital learning company. One of the fastest growing tech companies in Europe, Talentsoft and their over 600 employees are supporting businesses’ HR and IT leaders around the world to improve the performance of their teams.

Their challenges

Talentsoft was managing its sales compensation processes using a legacy competitor’s incentive compensation management tool. Despite the promise of automation and simpler processes, Talentsoft’s sales operations team was bogged down with long manual processes. Not only did these take a ton of time to manage, but they also led to numerous payout and calculation errors. This resulted in:

  • A 5-6% commission calculation and payout error rate
  • Low motivation in the sales team due to a lack of transparency
  • A significant amount of time spent manually managing compensation processes 
  • Issues synchronising sales data from Salesforce

The solution

Nick Geurds, Senior Director of Global Revenue And Business Development at Talentsoft, understood he needed to switch to a solution that gave his sales operations team the automation necessary to take the arduous manual processes off their plates while also giving his sales team the transparency they were looking for to boost motivation.

He set out to address these challenges by looking for a solution that:

  • Allowed them to truly automate their processes
  • Was easy to use autonomously 
  • Had a seamless Salesforce integration
  • Provided transparency for the sales team
  • Managed statements and payout in multiple currencies

Already unsatisfied with their existing legacy provider, Nick and Talentsoft began their search for a different, more modern solution that allowed them to properly automate their processes and be more autonomous. They discovered and were instantly impressed with the easy-to-use user interface and native Salesforce integration.

After getting set up in just a few weeks, Talentsoft’s sales operations team started seeing the benefits almost immediately. In contrast to their previous legacy solution, Amalia allowed them to be highly autonomous in creating, updating, and managing their various compensation plans in multiple currencies. 

“Ever since we chose Amalia we’ve seen big progress. We’ve reduced the errors in commission calculation and payouts to zero.”

Amalia’s Salesforce integration allowed them to easily centralise all their sales data on a single platform. Not only did this allow them to actually automate their processes, but it also ensured that they could trust that the calculations were accurate.

Amalia provided the sales team with an easy-to-understand dashboard that showed them their earnings. They can dive into the calculations to see exactly how their commission was calculated and ask any questions they have directly on the platform. This new-found transparency improved trust between the different teams and increased the sales team’s motivation.

When the Talentsoft team needs support, they can count on their customer success manager. If they have a question, Nick and his team know they can count on their customer success manager to bring them a solution quickly.


The results

With Amalia, Talentsoft was able to reduce compensation errors. By how much? Well, they increased their calculation accuracy by 200%, bringing down the number of errors to zero.

This has real-world cost savings. With the reduction in calculation and payout errors, Talentsoft saved €150 000 a year!

The cost savings didn’t end there. Thanks to Amalia’s user-friendly interface and complimentary customer support, they no longer had to pay for external consultants to help them manage their sales compensation. They were also able to reduce the number of Salesforce licenses and see other administrative cost savings.

Then, there’s the time savings. Rather than take 5 weeks to create their various compensation plans, it now takes them just 1 with Amalia, saving them 4 weeks of work each and every year.

Getting everyone on board was quick and efficient. After only taking a few weeks to get set up, Talentsoft was able to onboard their over 50-person strong sales team in a week. They quickly began receiving positive feedback from their salespeople on the increased transparency. This soon translated into a more engaged and motivated sales team.

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“ surpasses our previous solution in every component. What impressed me the most is the fast time to value.”
Nick Geurds
Nick Geurds
Senior Director of Global Revenue And Business Development