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Motivate your team

Drive sales performance
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Features from "Motivate your team"

Real-time visibility

Give your sales teams real-time access to their achievement and commission statements while also providing leadership and finance teams with enhanced insights into team performance.

Error-free statements

Build trust and save time that could be wasted on disputes by giving your teams full visibility into every commission calculation. They can dive into even the most granular details to see exactly how their statement was calculated.

In-app commenting

Manage questions, comments, and disputes from your sales team directly on Operations, finance, reward, and HR teams can easily track questions, respond faster, and provide complete transparency.

SPIF management

Provide an extra boost of motivation with SPIFs in Create eligibility rules, automatically track performance, create leaderboards, and handle payouts directly in the platform.

Sales simulations

Reduce shadow accounting and show your sales team how much compensation they could earn if they meet or exceed their targets. It’s a great way to increase motivation, reduce churn, and shorten sales cycles.