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Scale your business

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Features from "Scale your business"

Custom reporting

Export any of your calculation data for deeper analyses outside of using our custom reporting. Create reports on anything from payments, commission statement data, team directory, and more.

Enterprise-level security

We keep your data protected and confidential (accessible only via a SSO provider) with enterprise-level security measures and SOC2 Type II and GDPR certifications that keep you compliant and give you peace of mind.

Public API

Connect all your reporting tools with through our public API. Export your data to your preferred business intelligence or data visualisation tools to create internal dashboards or move them to a data warehouse to conduct further analysis.

Team management

Create team structures, define roles, and allocate permissions and access rights so you can easily adjust plans, track commissions, and manage privacy settings across your sales team.


Our forecasting capabilities give you the ability to anticipate sales compensation expenditures, refine your compensation plans, and grow your business. See how proposed commission plans compare with past years using your existing data.