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Keep Your Compensation Structure at its Best

See how to quickly analyse your sales compensation plan's performance and identify any inefficiencies.
What you'll learn
  • Discover how your compensation structure is performing
  • Identify overpaid sales team members
  • Spot your underpaid salespeople
  • Pinpoint your sales team's exceptional outliers

We all know you need to offer the right rewards for impactful sales efforts. That's what keeps your sales team motivated and incentivised to sell.

We've created a tool to help you quickly see how your sales compensation structure is performing and identify any inefficiencies, including who is over and underpaid by the current compensation structure.

The pay vs performance calculator lets you easily see who’s properly compensated, overpaid, or underpaid and give you the insights you need to dive into your plan to find and fix the root cause.

This resource gives you an easy way to polish up your sales compensation plans and address sales team complaints. With this tool at your side, you’ll have no issues identifying and properly rewarding and retaining your top salespeople, reducing the churn of your average salespeople, and properly motivating your underperformers.