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165 Rowntree Street, Birchgrove United Kingdom

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Austin, TX 798750

What Our Customers Have to Say

We are ready for the future!

“Amalia surpasses our previous solution in every component of our need. What really impresses me the most is the fast Time to Value. I would definitely recommend Amalia to any other organisation that has a Sales team spread across multiple countries & where there is also high dynamics in the sales team.”
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Nick Guerds and Amalia
Nick Geurds
Sales Operations and Business Development Director, TalentSoft

Better Data, Visibility & Workflows

"At the beginning I was not very convinced by having a tool for compensation. I was more 'excel style'. Now, 6 months after, looking backwards, I'm very happy to have chosen this solution. I saw that we had so many improvements in terms of data quality, in terms of team visibility, in terms of workflow validation."
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Jean Baptiste Hugon, Director of OPS & Amalia
Jean-Baptiste Hugon
Director of Operations, Swile

Discover strategic issues & solve them

“As a Finance Ops the two main objectives were to give more visibility to our sales representatives and save time for our team. We got that. But moreover we also were able to discover some strategic issues with our compensation plans and get rid of them and in the end improve the overall strategy of the company.”
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Florian Gallo, Finance Ops & Amalia
Florian Gallo
Financial Controller, AB Tasty

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